About Us

        We are a Montessori materials designer and manufacturer company devoted to the education of young absorbent minds of our world. We are producing and marketing only premium quality Montessori materials in which we use the best quality of wood as the key element of a premium quality Montessori material. We use solid beechwood with Baltic birch plywood with a perfect finishing. We test all of our Montessori materials from world renowned testing institutions such as SGS or CTI to make sure that our products have tested EN71 standard so the parents who give their children our products can be sure that our products meet and pass highest level of international standards on raw material quality and health standards to prevent any cancerous materials used, painting, the glue used at the production and design standards. Besides materials we also provide Montessori education system training to teachers and enthusiasts who want to learn more about Montessori.

       KASEA Montessori education materials are tested and certified such as expensive suppliers, but still keep the prices low such as the first group thanks to its long term investment to quality. This allows you to buy from a high-end product that is certified in accordance with all quality procedures, but also buy this product with much more cheaper price compare to other high-end competitors.

       We have invested a lot for our quality to make sure that our materials are produced safe for our children, thus all our products are certified for their mechanical and physical properties, flammability and migration of certain elements that are hazardous for children health. Here are some examples for our individual product test reports which makes us different than other companies in terms of quality.

       We establish our company headquarter is at Hong Kong and factory is based at mainland China to obtain a fastest delivery to our customers from all over the world. Most of our export shipments are gone to  Europe and the remaining is to America, Asia and Australia respectively.